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FundAmerica offers a comprehensive, yet easy to implement technology layer for crowdfunding compliance.

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While the JOBS Act has created an enormous opportunity, the world can seem like an impossibly regulated place for those operating a portal or raising money for a business. FundAmerica is a leading FinTech provider, here to minimize your risks and costs associated with equity and debt crowdfunding.

FundAmerica provides critical back office services for your portal and/or for issuers who are engaging in technology-driven fundraising by selling equity and debt securities to investors pursuant to 506(b), 506(c) (aka Title II of the JOBS Act) - and, 4(a)(6) (aka Title III of the JOBS Act) offerings.

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learn more » Escrow & ACH

SEC Rule 15c2-4 requires that funds raised in private securities offerings be held in bank escrow until funding contingencies occur. We ensure compliance with regulations while keeping costs under control. For equity and debt offerings from $50,000 – $50,000,000! 506(b), 506(c), Reg A, and more...

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learn more » AML

Federal regulations require businesses to know their investors well enough to ensure that, when raising funds, they are not selling securities to barred persons. And those who assist in the selling of the securities must take reasonable due diligence steps to ensure that the issuer and its associated persons (officers, directors and 20%+ shareholders) and in good standing and not subject to any regulatory disqualifications.

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learn more » Broker-Dealer Services

The securities may be exempt from federal regulations, but the act of selling those securities to state residents may not be. To avoid potential issues with state securities regulators, and the negative consequences of their actions, securities should only be sold to residents through an appropriately registered broker-dealer. This ensures compliance with both state and federal regulations for the sale of securities, KYC (“Know Your Customer”) rules, and investor protection.

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learn more » Accredited Investor Confirmations

The SEC requires that investors in 506(c) offerings be “reasonably” confirmed as to their accredited status.

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learn more » Payment Processing

Effortlessly send investor payments! Including interest, revenue-share, principal, preferred distributions, profit sharing, dividends, royalttexties, and anything else. Fully integrated with our IRM service to track who gets paid what and to keep permanent records for all payments.

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learn more » Registered Transfer Agent

SEC registered securities transfer agent for Reg A, 506b/c and other offerings.

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learn more » eSign+

We provide you with key apps to assist with reducing costs and automating the backend of your offering(s), including a Boilerplate Template for the Subscription Agreement and Risk Disclosures, and eSign+.

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learn more » Investor Management

Best practices, and specifically SEC proposed rules for Title III 4(a)(6) crowdfunding require that issuers demonstrate their ability to manage their investors. FASTransfer provides a Software as a Service IRM solution which makes it easy!

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