FundAmerica provides critical back office services to portals and issuers who are engaging in technology-driven fundraising by selling equity and debt securities to investors pursuant to 506(b), 506(c) (aka Title II of the JOBS Act) and, once rules are approved, 4(a)(6) (aka Title III of the JOBS Act) offerings.

Our proprietary tools and technology enable you to stay in compliance with federal and state laws, seamlessly bundling them into your platform at the lowest possible cost.

API’s, Apps & Widgets: Plug n’ Play, it’s easy to use our components to stay in compliance.

Ready to crowdfund? Get apps for our escrow, compliance and other services services.

Developer support: our engineers can help integrate our apps into your website with expertise in Ruby, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Javascript and more.


Technology and Compliance Powering the Crowdfunding Industry