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The Invest Now®   transaction engine -
Via API's and copy & paste buttons!
Over $400M invested by 75,000 investors in 300+ offerings, including:
Successfully Funded Offerings
Successfully Funded Offerings
506(c) | EQUITY
Successfully Funded Offerings
506(c) | DEBT
Successfully Funded Offerings
506(b) | EQUITY
Successfully Funded Offerings
506(c) | EQUITY
Successfully Funded Offerings

Raising Capital With INVEST NOW®

Simplify your capital raise in an incredibly easy way with our "Invest Now" transaction engine! Follow the few simple steps below to set up your offering and you will be ready to easily and quickly accept new investors online.

  • Enter offering information
  • E-Sign agreements
  • Copy and paste button on your website
  • Investors simply click "Invest Now" button
  • Investors provide vesting info, amount, esign agreement and send funds
  • System automatically emails alerts "from" the issuer (new investment, funds received, final confirmation, etc)
  • Powerful dashboard to manage investors, view escrow balances and conduct the offering
  • Report of incomplete investments so you can directly follow up with prospective investors
  • Also available via API integration
  • Reg A can Test The Waters (click here for more information)

Online Investing

Crowd-direct offerings require the ability for investors to easily, without friction and in a single sitting, start & complete their investment. 100% online. 100% “right now”.

  • “Invest Now” button, copy & paste code for the issuer's own website, any BD website and/or marketing platform
  • "Reserve Shares" test the waters buttons for Reg A issuers & brokers
    (click here for more information)
  • Easy customization with our Developers Guide
    (click here to view developers guide)
  • Launch an offering in less than 24 hours
  • API’s available for engineering savvy users (RESTful, JSON)
  • Integrated e-signature system for investors
  • Tracking codes for your different marketing/sales strategies
  • Brokers, optional 2111 form inclusion and new account forms (optional)
  • Automated investor email alerts
  • Powerful dashboard controls and reporting
  • Domestic & international investors

Escrow Software & Solutions

Escrow for “crowd-direct” offerings is easy with our software. Now banks, trust companies, law firms and other escrow agents can manage escrows with 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or more people participating. We enable compliance with regulations while keeping costs under control.

  • Investment funds via ACH, wire and check
  • Escrow accounts usually set up in 24 hours
  • Easily process distributions and refunds
  • For offerings from $50,000 – $1,000,000,000
  • Unlimited investors
  • Complete accounting
  • Administrator controls with settings for different employees, all actions timestamped and recorded
  • AML systems
  • Bad Actor verifications
  • Equity and Debt: 506(b), 506(c), Reg A, Reg S, Reg CF and more! Even S-1’s!

Investor Relations

Investor Relationship Management ("IRM")

You have a crowd of investors, now how do you stay in touch with them and keep it organized? Best practices, and specifically SEC rules for Reg A and Title III 4(a)(6) crowdfunding require issuers to manage their investors. FundAmerica provides the industry’s only tech-driven solution.

  • Email investors, store & easily access sent emails
  • Upload and store investor documents
  • Maintain investor vesting information (and changes)
  • Quick access to investor names, email addresses and phone numbers
  • Automated email confirmations and notices
  • and much more...

Investor Cap Table Management

The Investor Cap Table Management for Technology-Driven Finance

Providing 506(c), 506(b), Reg A, Reg CF, Reg S, intrastate and other offerings with tech-driven services which enable easy investor records management, and provide companies with tools to manage and maintain ownership changes, vesting details, payment history, tax data, and cap tables. Investor Cap Table Management gives you tools so your investors can log on and manage their information directly. And you have the option to send statements to your investors!

  • Easy to set up with unlimited investors
  • Equity, debt, options and warrants
  • Permanent retention of all changes, timestamped by admin
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily add administrators, including your attorney and other professionals
  • Powerful dashboard controls for reporting of cap-table and managing your investors and securities
  • Ownership changes, transfers, payments, emails, stock splits, debt repayments, and more
  • Automated email alerts “from” the company to investors for changes which affect them
  • Automated “certificate” (.pdf) created and emailed for ownership changes and new issuances (view sample)

Payment Processing

FundAmerica Payment Solutions

Effortlessly receive and send investor payments (such as dividend distributions, note interest payments)! This includes receiving investment funds and/or sending interest, revenue-share, principal, preferred distributions, profit sharing, dividends, royalties, and anything else. Everything is fully integrated with FasTransfer systems to track who gets paid what and to keep permanent records for all payments.


  • ACH, checks and wires are all integrated into the Invest Now button and the status posts to your dashboard
  • ACH, checks and wires can also be processed through the API
  • Funds for resales (“secondary transactions”) are received and remitted via ACH, wire or check


  • Log onto the system and choose which class of investors you are sending funds for
  • The system will provide you with a list of all your investors and what they will receive in the distribution
  • Approve and then we'll handle the rest!

Broker-Dealer Compliance & Syndication

Compliance & Syndication Tools for Securities Professionals

Broker-dealers can easily manage their tech-driven offerings using our powerful compliance and syndication tools.

  • Trade reviews
  • AML processing & exception handling
  • Suitability information and new account documents (optional)
  • Admin notes & actions timestamped & retained
  • Permanent retention of documents and data
  • Easily cancel and refund individual transactions, or an entire offering
  • Detailed reports
  • Limited dashboards for selling group members
  • Custom links/buttons for syndicate participants and marketing channels/websites
  • Admin authority on offerings you are underwriting
  • Electronically, simply handle investor (or offering) changes
  • And much more...

Help & Resources

Professional Services For Technology Driven Offerings

FundAmerica does everything you need “under the hood” to successfully, and in compliance, conduct your offering. But raising capital may also need a variety of “front of the house” services depending upon a company’s in-house resources, for which we are happy to suggest select firms.

  • Web designers
  • White-label platforms
  • Marketing.
  • Sales – platforms for Reg D & Reg A
  • Sales – platforms for Title III crowdfunding
  • Sales – broker-dealers with selling reps & syndicates
  • Offering structuring & advisory
  • BD execution-only

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