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Need help with your project? FundAmerica and our partners are here to provide you with the resources, tools and expertise you need to successfully conduct and manage your offerings.

Web Design & Platform Builders

At FundAmerica we are great with all the back-office aspects of your offering, but we don’t do the “front end” web design or platform building. Your investor-facing webpages or website can easily tie into our back-end service via either our Invest Now button or our API’s. These professionals are happy to assist you with the “front door” for your offering.

Web Designers(typically the quickest, most economical route)

Platform Builders(for people who want to have a dozen or more offerings live at any given time and are generally marketing their services or numerous direct SPV’s to the crowd)


The single biggest factor in the success (or not) of any offering is the issuers ability to directly market it to prospective investors. Regardless of what anyone tells you, there is currently no magic bullet; no platform, no broker, no consultant will single-handedly get your deal 100% sold. You have to spend time and money on marketing. Many issuers already have lists of investors, customers, employees, vendors and others they can effectively market to. Even so, you might need help creating and engaging video and crafting marketing copy. So whether it’s a little marketing help, or a lot, these firms are specializing in crowd-direct equity and debt tech-driven capital raises.

ASMX Capital


CrowdfundX is a pioneering financial marketing firm serving corporations and entrepreneurs across a wide mix of industries. The company helps clients to effectively architect and execute strategic Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaigns that build brand equity and drive growth. CrowdfundX services include campaign strategy, branding, video production, graphic design, web development, social media, influencer engagement, public relations and marketing. Learn More



"Use The Power of Technology to Reach More Investors and Raise Capital Faster". InvesTechs is a digital marketing agency that specializes in raising investment capital for established real estate developers, game-changing startups, and alternative energy companies. Our team uses a multi-faceted approach to bring efficiency and transparency to your investment process, including custom investment platforms that utilize cutting edge financial technology, complex marketing strategies that put your offering directly in front of your ideal investor, lead conversion tactics to ensure you can close deals faster, and investor management systems to help you manage your stakeholders. Are you changing your industry for the better? We would love to work with you! Learn More

Brokers & Portals

These people are here to help you list and sell your offering to investors. They aren’t free, and deserve to get paid for what they do, but are in business exactly to assist you in raising capital.

Offering Size of $1M or less(crowdfunding portals are built to serve businesses in this niche)

Offering Size > $1M(securities industries professionals who can do everything from help structure your offering to getting it sold)



CrowdEngine is a compliance automation solution that enables entrepreneurs to launch their own funding website and supports all offering types in the United States including Reg. D, Reg. S, Reg. A+, Reg. CF, and most new intrastate regulations. Crowdengine also supports SAFTs and ICOs (initial coin offerings) with their new blockchain technology. CrowdEngine's turnkey private label solutions increase speed to market, reduce costs, increase security and compliance, and delight customers across nearly every industry – from financial services, technology, real estate, non-profit and others. CrowdEngine's team has a diverse background in technology, startups, and online marketing. CrowdEngine, "Our mission is to drive crowdfunding’s technology. We built the software and maintain the hardware, project managers, support teams, developers, and security so you can launch much faster and cheaper than building it yourself."Learn More



StartEngine is a leading equity crowdfunding platform, connecting investors with tomorrow’s progressive companies. Based in Los Angeles, the company was created in 2013 by Howard Marks and Ron Miller. StartEngine aims to revolutionize the startup financing model by helping both accredited and non-accredited investors invest in private companies on a public platform for the first time in history, thereby helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. StartEngine hosts both Small Online Public Offerings (Regulation Crowdfunding) and Large Online Public Offerings (Regulation A+). Learn More

FundAmerica Account Management Team

Our account management team and FundAmerica professionals dedicated to being your single-point-of-contact in our organization and can help with whatever you need.

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