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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we're often asked.

Common Questions

Crowdfunding is where large numbers of people (a crowd) individually invest small amounts of money to collectively fund a business.
"FinTech" is financial technology software for intermediaries in the financial services industry who are engaged in capital formation pursuant to Titles II, III and IV of the JOBS Act (a.k.a. Rule 506(c), 4(a)(6), and Reg A exemptions to the Securities Act of 1933), as well as 506(b), Reg S and other private securities rules.
Yes. Our engineers can help integrate our apps into your website with expertise in Ruby, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Javascript and more.

Invest Now Questions

We support all types of small company finance, including offerings conducted pursuant to 506(b) & (c), Reg A+, Reg S, Reg CF, and most intrastate exemptions.
Yes! All investor forms, investor confirmations and other pages can be branded with your name, email address and logo.
You do! Your webmaster can design the graphics and presentation of information as is best for your offering. Then paste the “Invest Now” button anywhere you want so investors can send funds.
Debt? Equity? How much and what price? That’s for you and your advisers to decide. And of course be sure to have a securities attorney review everything before you go live.
That’s always the challenge. Using technology and the internet helps make it much, much easier for investors to participate in your offerings. And if you’re using an exemption that allows for “general solicitation” (e.g. 506(c), 4(a)(b) crowdfunding, Reg A+) then you can promote your deal to the world via Facebook, Twitter, customer mailing lists, and a blimp circling the Super Bowl if you want (just make sure people invest on your website where all your disclosures and offering documents are located).
Your dashboard on http://apps.fundamerica.com provides you with a fantastic array of data and reports. These include;

  • Investor details, including signed subscription agreements
  • Funds expected (committed by investors but not recv’d into escrow yet)
  • Funds received
  • Escrow balances
  • “Fund Me!” escrow close requests
  • Tools to manage investors, including information updates and changes of ownership.
  • Tools to manage your securities, including stock splits (forward & reverse), conversions and company buybacks.
  • Ledgers or payments you’ve made to investors, if any (e.g. principal, interest, revenue share,royalties, etc).

You can view our fees by clicking here: Fee Schedule
Yes, absolutely. You can reach out to use via email or phone and we’ll do our best to help walk you through the process. Note that we can only assist with general and technical questions, and not with input on the structure of your deal terms or any legal or accounting advice (so don’t hold it against our customer service folks if they are great at answering some questions but unable to help with others). Email support@fundamerica.com or call 212-582-9600 (normal business hours, M-F).

Escrow & ACH Questions

No. While those are all fine escrow agents for most purposes, they are not allowed for securities transactions (equity or debt).
The very real problem is that funds may fail to clear, may be recalled, or may be unavailable on the closing date. If that happens, and the shortfall causes the offering to be less than the minimum amount stated in the disclosures then you will have to refund every investor.
We accept escrow accounts for all forms of securities fundraising. Equity. Debt. 506(c). 506(b). Reg A. And all others.
Easy! We offer both App’s and API’s. With our App you can copy & paste the code directly into your webpages. And our API allows programmers to write code for even deeper integration and unlimited customization.