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As required by the PATRIOT Act.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Checks

FundAmerica's systems are built into KYC, collecting customer data and performing complete AML background checks. With the collected data we run a rigorous analysis to verify the identity of the customer. If the customer is international then we require their passport, national id and a residential document.

AML Screening Includes:

  • OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control - SDN list
  • Office of Controller of Currency - Unauthorized Banks
  • Her Majesty’s Treasury’s Consolidated List ofFinancialSanctions Targets
  • OSFI - Canada
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission List ofRegulatory & Self-Regulatory Authorities
  • State Department Terrorist Exclusions
  • Defense Trade Controls (DTC) Debarred Parties
  • United Nations Named Terrorists
  • European Union Designated Terrorists
  • US Bureau of Industry & Security - UnverifiedEntities,Denied Entities and Denied Persons List
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Lists -IncludingWhite Collar & Cyber-Crime Lists
  • Foreign Agent Registrations Act
  • World Bank Ineligible Firms
  • International Police Most Wanted and Red Alerts
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN)Special Alert List
  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • Terrorist Financing List
  • Various Gaming Commission Sanction Lists
  • Deceased Persons Master File Search
  • Plus Many Others...

AML Process - Handout

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Click on the button below to download our "Compliance: AML Process" brochure. This brochure lists items that are included in our AML Screening Process, which are required by the PATRIOT Act.