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FundAmerica, LLC

Let us introduce ourselves.

Our Mission

The enormous opportunity created by the JOBS Act is leading to an explosion of firms emerging to operate funding portals, aka "platforms." FundAmerica's mission is to provide FinTech to the crowdfunding industry and deliver the highest value to our customers. Additionally, we plan to expand into other areas of service to the industry.

Our Software

The software is designed and written by full-time FundAmerica engineers (not overseas contractors) using Ruby on Rails. It will enable you to legally and efficiently help businesses get funded. It allows you to accelerate your business model by leveraging our easy-to-implement tools for some of the most complicated back-office pieces of the fundraising process.

We created our software to enable comprehensive self-service use of our tools and technology. Simply sign up and you can access our API's, plug 'n play widgets and web-based forms.

What We Do

Our services enable people to build our technology into their websites and platforms using API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) and embeddable apps (widgets), as well as direct-use forms on our site. We are initially providing backend services that the vast majority of market participants need and cannot do directly themselves, including:

  • Escrow
  • Broker-dealer services
  • Electronically signed and stored investor subscription agreements
  • Background checks for anti-money laundering and PATRIOT Act compliance
  • Payment processing

What We Don't Do

At FundAmerica we are great with all the back-office aspects of your offering, but we don’t do the “front end” web design or platform building.

  • We Do Not Provide Front-End Web-Design
  • We Do Not Engage Directly With Your Business Clients
  • We Do Not Engage Directly With Your Investors