Reviewing the fees you’re being charged is easy to do with the new interface. Fees can be associated with either the account (like an API set-up fee) or with an offering (like an electronic signature fee for a particular investor in a particular offering). Account related fees can be seen by clicking on the “Transaction Fees” tab in the top navigation while offering related fees can be seen by clicking the “Transaction Fees” tab in the navigation for the particular offering itself. Splitting up the fees like this allows you to easily see where the fee is coming from.

Both the offering’s fees tab and the account’s fees tab allows you to sort and filter. You can filter by any column in the grid by selecting the dropdown box next to “Search by” and entering in your search criteria. This is useful for scenarios such as wanting to see just the fees assessed in a particular month.

In addition to being able to view fees in the dashboard, you can download a CSV file of the fees that you can open in Excel, Numbers, etc. For more information about the report, check out

Watch the video above for a step by step tutorial of how to review fees.