Download A Report of Your Shareholders

FundAmerica allows you to download all of the information about your shareholders for the securities they own that were purchased through FundAmerica or reported to FundAmerica Stock Transfer (“FASTransfer”).

How to Download the Report

You can get this report in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click on the Securities tab.
  2. Click on Details for the security whose shareholders you want to download.
  3. Click on Holdings Report.

Note: you can use the dropdown to chose whether you want the report in CSV (openable by a wide variety of programs) or XLSX (Microsoft Excel) format.

What the Report Looks Like

The report will contain the following:

  • The personal information of the investor (regardless of whether they invested as an individual, a joint, or a company).
  • The date the securities were issued.
  • The amount of securities issued.
  • The purchase price of those securities.
  • The cost basis of the purchase.

Each issue of securities is a separate line item. We include a unique ID for each investor so that you can easily tie all of the transactions for one investor together.