Advanced search is an exciting new feature that allows you to search across multiple tables and for multiple values. For a quick overview, watch the video below.

How to Search

Advanced search has two parts: first you create your search, and second you execute it using the search button.

Create the search

To create the search, you want to set what values you want to look for in which columns. The different columns have different ways of searching for values which are covered. Adding more than one value to a column will look for any of the options.


To add a search to a text field such as an offering or an investor’s name, click on the button with the title of the column. Next, type in your search and either click the “Add” button or press the enter key. The search term will appear in the lest below the box. You can add as many terms as you want; if the term is checked that means the search will look for it, if it is unchecked that means the search will not look for it.



For date fields, you can specify a starting date and/or an ending date for the date range – both are not required. If you want to see results from a certain date, simply only fill out the from date. If you want to see results from a particular date, fill in the date for both the from and the to dates.



For numeric fields such as $ Invested, you can enter a specific value or check the “Search by range?” box at the bottom to search by a range of values.


Status Fields

For status fields, we pre-fill all the possible options into the dropdown. Check the ones you want to search for.


Execute the Search

Once you have created the search, you can execute the search by clicking on the “Search” button or if your cursor is in the input box for a text column, you can press the enter button. This shortcut is very useful if you’re only looking for one thing such as looking for a specific offering. In that case, just click the “Offering” column, the cursor automatically jumps to the text box so you can just start typing, then press enter to add the search term, and then enter again to execute the search.

Clear the Search

You can clear parts of your search in three different ways:

  1. Unchecking a search term: Opening the dropdown for that column and unchecking the search term will remove that term next time you click “Search”
  2. Removing the blue tag: Pressing the “x” next to the blue tag for the search term will re-execute the search without that search term.
  3. Hitting the “Clear” button: Pressing the “Clear” button will clear the entire search and reset it.