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Investments without AML

Investments without AML Two major changes have recently been added to how FundAmerica’s technology platform handles AML. Managing AML is now optional in most cases which means a few things: […]

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Transitioning to V2 – Escrow Disbursement

With only a few steps You can perform an escrow disbursement from the new dashboard. View the video above to see how easy it is to recieve funds from an […]

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Transitioning to V2 – Investment Status

You can review investors and investments from the investment and investors tabs. As both of these objects are inherently linked, you’ll find the interface allows you to jump to an […]

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Transitioning to V2 – Reviewing of Fees

Reviewing the fees you’re being charged is easy to do with the new interface. Fees can be associated with either the account (like an API set-up fee) or with an […]

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New Dashboard Launching on January 1st!

New Version is Launching on January 1st! We’re very excited to announce that we will be launching the new version of our dashboard with the new year on January 1st. […]

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Report of Fees Billed

You can review fees by downloading a CSV that can then be opened in Excel (or other spreadsheet software that supports the CSV file format). STEP 1 – Click on […]

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