Good news, our engineering and compliance teams have added some great new tools to the FundAmerica system!

* International AML – we can now accept, process & escrow funds for non-US persons in compliance with AML and BSA regulations. This is key for our EB5 and international-focused customers.

* Pre-fill “Invest Now” data – for platforms who have investor log-on’s (and thus investor data) you can now pre-fill the various boxes on the Invest Now forms! Click here for our Invest Now Developers Guide and scroll down to the “autofilling investor data” section.

* Half API / Half “Invest Now” – many platforms are using the Invest Now button on the front-end (for investors to commit to an offering), while writing into our API to grab alerts and data. This is now fully supported (both webhooks and javascript events).

* Trusts, JTWROS, JTIC – a frustrating and unexpectedly huge project for our engineering team, they are very happy to have this done and we now have much more sophisticated handling of these accounts (both Invest Now and API).

* Investor Accreditation – you can now selectively choose which investors you want us to confirm accreditation (especially useful for broker-dealers & direct-issuers who can confirm their existing clients, but want us to confirm new investors).

* Wealth Managers & RIA’s “Alternative Signer” – now you can step through the Invest Now process, fill out the investment information on behalf of your clients and have the system auto-send them a link to a page (auto-embeded on your website) where they can review and e-sign the subscription agreement to complete the investment.

* Cash Management Reporting – has been enhanced to better show funds expected, funds received, and status of funds clearance.

Up next: Broker-dealer compliance dashboard (for BD’s & FINRA member funding portals to manage online offerings), embeddable “create-offering” wizard for platforms, registered transfer agent & secondary exchange API’s, and many other system enhancements.