We are pleased to announce that Plaid is now incorporated into our ACH system.

What’s Plaid? It’s bank infrastructure integration technology that makes it easier for users (and reduces input errors). In brief, it enables a user to either manually provide us with their ABA and account number, or simply log onto their bank system and have their bank provide us with that information. As we’ve learned, there are many users who seem to have trouble figuring out what their ABA/account #’s are, and even more trouble inputting those numbers correctly, and so this gives them an easy alternative. You can read more about Plaid here – www.plaid.com

The engineering is done and it’s ready to go. Of course you have the option of using this, or not. You can still simply get your investors to manually input the numbers. And/or you can offer this as well.

Nothing additional is needed on your end, as we’ve built it into the ACH calls of the API. We are continuously updating our API documentation, so if you haven’t checked those in awhile then take a moment to review by clicking here – apps.fundamerica.com/support/documentation – and of course if you have any questions or need anything custom just let us know!