We are now in alpha with our payment processing, and as we continue to write code to spin up this service for our portal customers it is time to reach out and get input. So we’d love your thoughts, comments, feature requests, etc on what you would like to see in a payment processing service! And now is the time to weigh in and get something exactly as you want it.

In the works…

  • Portal access via API
  • Issuer access via direct log-on
  • ACH & checks as payment options
  • Payments processed for interest, principal, dividends, royalties, rev-share, etc
  • Ability to pull tax files electronically (investor name, address, TIN, payments, etc)
  • Ledgers by investor, by offering, by issuer
  • Ability to update investor records (address, ACH info, etc), ability to execute ownership changes, ability to execute securities converstions and splits (with full change-history records)
  • Portal system (via API) or issuer (manually) initiates payment, we will not automate or calculate payment amounts (too much discretionary action would be req’d on our part)
  • Email notification to investors of payment
  • We <might> be able to send email 1099’s to investors on issuers behalf (their name, logo and email address), provided investors agreed to electronic communications in their investment subscription agreements (your thoughts on that?)
  • Low cost

Our goal is to have this up and running in January. We are currently writing code, so please send me any feature requests or comments asap!

Happy Holidays,

Scott Purcell
& the team at FundAmerica


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