We are happy to announce our new service, FundAmerica Stock Transfer (“FAST”)! This is a purpose-built SEC registered transfer agent for a JOBS Act world. FAST will hold issuer, offering and investor records for securities issued pursuant to Titles II & IV, as well as intrastate offerings and eventually Title III.

Placing securities with a register transfer agent is required for Reg A offerings, and strongly advisable for all offerings regardless of whatever exemption they are sold under. Not only does it make it MUCH easier for an issuer to manage their cap table and investors, but it also enables future venture exchanges and alternative listing services to create liquidity and process resales since the transfer agent will confirm “good delivery” by ensuring that “yes, this person really does own what they are trying to sell, and no, there are not any transfer restrictions on the securities.”

As part of our standard service, our API’s and Invest-Now buttons will…

  • Place securities and investor records with FAST as the Registered Transfer Agent (cost = free. no setup & no maintenance fees)
  • Securities will be held and managed in book-entry form (though issuers may elect for .pdf “ceremonial certificates” to be sent to investors)
  • Process remittances from the issuer to investors (cost = $0.50 per ACH distribution)
  • Enable issuers to get .csv files of investor & payment records which they can give to their accountant to prepare 1099’s and K1’s (cost = free)
  • Enable issuers to use tools to manage investor records (changes of address, uploading & accessing docs such as subscription agreement, etc) cost = free
  • Enable issuers & platforms to manage ownership changes while ensuring “good delivery” (cost = $1.99 per future ownership change, if any)
  • Provide issuers with email utilities to send investor communications and ensure record retention of those communications (cost = free)

The only thing we won’t do is issue K1’s. That’s because we don’t provide accounting or legal advice and producing a K1 needs an accountants hand to take into consideration things like investor capital accounts, discretionary allocations as permitted by the firms Operating Agreement, non-cash items like depreciation and amortization, other forms of member remuneration such as Guaranteed Payments, etc. We can account for cash via ledgers, but we cannot make all those other determinations – thus we provide data files for the issuer to give their accountant.


Reach out to me anytime with questions or ideas. We are doing whatever it takes to provide the full stack of services and “plumbing” that the industry needs in order to facilitate compliance and friction-free online capital formation. This includes escrow, payment processing, broker-dealer execution, AML, and…now…transfer agent services.