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Crowdfunding College

Crowdfunding College

27th May 2014

Writing the textbook and teaching some courses on equity & debt crowdfunding has been a great experience. Incredibly exhausting and far more time intensive than I could have ever thought, but also very rewarding. I know that very soon there will be no time for projects like this, as I’ll be 24/7 once FundAmerica is launched, so am glad I took the opportunity to do this now.

Industry education is so important, and very much needed, and I’m surprised that there aren’t more people doing it. It seems most people in this space have a general disregard for the brokers, accountants, lawyers, marketers and other professionals who will be serving issuers and investors. Of course we embrace them as part of a vibrant ecosystem and will do whatever it takes to help bring them up to speed on the rules, compliance and best practices.

Scott Purcell

Scott Purcell - author

Scott Purcell is the CEO of FundAmerica, a fintech services provider to the emerging equity and debt crowdfunding industry. His firm, with its subsidiaries provides escrow, payment processing, registered transfer agent services and compliance technology for numerous broker-dealers, investment advisers, portals and others who make a business of online capital formation pursuant to rules now in effect thanks to the JOBS Act. He is an active Board member of the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Association (CFIRA) and the author of the book “The Definitive Guide to Equity and Debt Crowdfunding” as well as the “Industry Best Practices for Funding Portals”.

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