As we close in on an amazing year for the crowdfunding industry, I want to thank our customers, our partners, our shareholders, our nation’s lawmakers & regulators, and, especially, our team. In 2016 we…

  • Finally got the rules in hand for Title III, Regulation CF, and have seen dozens of portals open for business
  • Did all the backoffice for the industry’s first successful Reg A+ offering, Elio Motors, and have since done the same for over a dozen other successful Reg A’s
  • Processed over $275M in investments for issuers, broker-dealers, portals and banks for hundreds of Reg D, Reg A, Reg CF, Reg S and other offerings
  • Created a huge amount of transaction, compliance, escrow, and syndication technology for customers
  • Launched the only tech-driven transfer agent in the industry

As is true with any high-growth industry, we’ve had a few bumps along the way…something we take very personally as we always want to provide the best customer service, the best technology, the best services, at fair prices. We’re hiring more people, building additional technology, and creating better internal processes to make sure we continue to improve on all fronts in 2017.

What’s next? Starting next week we will be releasing some really exciting new technology for issuers, broker-dealers, portals and marketing firms. We are also on the cusp of announcing something truly fantastic for our customers and, frankly, for the industry (more news on that shortly). And next year I also expect to see the re-emergence of an industry trade association, which we will whole-heartedly support, and a series of new laws and regulations from Congress which will fix some things in the current rules and make it easier for businesses to raise money on the internet, and for a variety of securities and marketing professionals to help them. 2016 was a great start, as we finally have Reg’s D, A & CF, and 2017 will see an acceleration of capital raising using those new tools. And FundAmerica will grow and support people with our specialized transaction, escrow, transfer agent and portal/broker technology as we target $1 billion in investments processed.

Happy Holidays, and Wishing You an Incredible New Year!

Scott Purcell
& Team