Today we are releasing some great new technology: data-capturing. This is integrated directly into our investment transaction engine, both Invest Now buttons and API. 

What: investor data is now captured at every step. Meaning if someone doesn’t complete the process of investing in your company, our system has their information.

Report: a new report in your dashboard gives you the investor data on incomplete investments. You and your representatives can use this to reach out to the prospective investors, answer questions and assist them in finalizing their investment.

When: it’s live now! No need for you to do anything special, we baked it into the existing code base. Just log onto your FundAmerica dashboard (or request via API) to get the new report and start contacting your interested-but-incomplete investors.

More new tech coming soon. A lot more. Our engineering team has been insanely busy writing code and creating tools, features and reports. This is both for general use, and for specific use by broker-dealers, funding portals, investment advisers and more. Some things are quietly pushed live (e.g. ability for broker-dealers to change their Rule 2111 questionnaire for investors), and some, like “Responsive Invest Now” are going to be widely announced.

Our customers transacted $287M last year via our technology, on a book value of $2.48B in offerings. In 2017 we expect to exceed $1B in transactions and are building a tremendous amount of new escrow, transaction, and transfer agent technology, as well as significantly enhanced internal customer service and operations systems to support you in your online fundraising!

Best Regards,

Scott Purcell