It’s mid-January, 2015. Admittedly we’ve been far more focused on building the company and writing code than on tracking all of our news mentions or speaking engagements. In 2012 I spoke at, hmmm…probably around 10 conferences. In 2013 it was at least that, likely more. Same in 2014. As I find (and have time to look for) old links and events I’ll post them in this section.

One key point is that we were originally named “Arctic Island”. I came up with the name because most business owners, when they need money, head to their bank. The bank, regardless of whether they are a startup or a third-generation business, does what banks do so well – they say “no” (<<especially>> post-Dodd Frank). As the guy/gal walks out of the bank the world suddenly looks like a barren wasteland, they have no idea where to go to the capital they need to grow and create jobs. Enter “Crowdfunding” as an island of hope.

Yeah, good name…after you explain it. But a brand that has to be explained isn’t really a good brand. It’s best to have the value-proposition reflected in the name (unless, of course, you have the money to build market-awareness, which is the argument of “International Business Machines” or “Intel” vs “Apple” or “Amazon”). Anyhow, we changed the name to FundAmerica as it served to do this quite nicely.