Walking into work this morning, as I tossed the wrapper from my organic breakfast bar into the trash I noticed a number of bags from McDonalds. First reaction was“who eats that crap?”

The answer, of course, is “almost everyone in America.”

But not me. Not my family. None of our friends. In fact, I don’t think we know anyone who eats there. It’s not in our socio environment. We shop at Whole Foods. We eat at restaurants with options for Gluten-free and Vegan dishes on their menus. Fast food for us, which is a rarity, might be a vegetarian or chicken burrito at Roberto’s or a sandwich at Subway (flatbread and no mayo to minimize the damage).

In short, we are completely out of touch with mainstream America.

And that MUST play into my business decisions. I have to accept that I am hopelessly out of touch with the bulk of our ultimate end-users. And thus I need to hire around that. And form channel partner relationships to address that. And accept the advice of marketing professionals who are better at addressing the primary market.

It’s tough to look in the mirror sometimes.