It just got easier for broker-dealers to add issuers and offerings to the compliance system, enabling you to load, manage, market and supervise your online fundraising (506b/c, Reg A, Reg S, 504, and of course the upcoming Title III/4a6).

So, do you need to load, say, 10 offerings into the system (as one BD did yesterday)? That’s now easy to do. Here’s how…

2. Go to “Issuer Accounts”
3. From there you can create a new account (top right)
4. Once an account is created, you can login to it automatically by clicking the “login to account” button.
This is MUCH faster than the old method and you can jump into any of these accounts at any time and invite new admins. If you need any additional assistance, please let the BD support team know.
Next up (within the next 7 days):
* ability to create multiple tracking/referral codes for syndicate members (thus transactions from each syndicate member will be tracked for reporting, and each member will be able to review their online investors KYC/suitability/AML and other critical compliance data).